Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blog Assignment 13

Back to the Future
Mr. Crosby

Brian Crosby is a fourth grade teacher that is trying to innovate his classroom through technology. Many of his students learned English as their second language and are believed to be at a higher risk of struggling in the classroom. Also, Crosby has a student with leukemia that cannot attend class much at all. Although he is faced with adversity, he excels at teaching these students by using technology. Blogs are used as a tool for students to write about their experiences and to better their writing skills. By using blogs, this is helping reinforce the English language to the students. Skype is used to help the young girl who cannot come to school because of Leukemia and to collaborate with other classrooms across the globe.

My favorite statement was "We cannot keep racing kids through school". This is so true because they want students to have a high school diploma, but these kids do not learn as much as they need to in the process. My goal as an educator will be to actually teach my students something and make an impact on their life. Why would you want to become a teacher if you do not want to help these kids become better individuals? This is a problem with our education system today.

A Vision of Students Today
This video by Kansas State University shows the thoughts that run through every student's mind at some point during their schooling. It shows what they aspire to do and how our current education system is holding them back. Many statistics are shown including that for a class that you write 42 pages for, you will write 500 emails for it also. This is mind blowing because it shows how students are more likely to use technology to express their concerns rather that write on the actual assignments.

I think that this is the best video that I have watched throughout the entirety of this class. It shows all that we as students face in a classroom setting everyday. It is eye opening to see how much time we spend doing certain things everyday, when most of the time we spend has no purpose or will not help us out in life. This is why we must change how we educate students because students are changing the way they function throughout their day.

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