Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind

Mary Beth Marklein
In this article by Mary Beth Marklein, she talks about the future of education and all that we can accomplish with technology. Sebastian Thrun is the founder of the education company Udacity, which was created to revolutionize education. This company provides online courses for students that want to work on their own time schedule. Students may work as long as they need to learn the information or master a concept. Also, grades will not exist because students will know if they understand the information or not. Marklein used the example of live theaters and movies. Although live theaters are not as popular as movies, they are still seen today. Thrun believes that "brick and mortar schools" will still be around. This will allow students to choose how they want to learn and this will create a better education system for the students.

My favorite part of the article is when Marklein talked about the changes that are going on between technologically advanced schools and "brick-and-mortar" schools, to the changes that occurred between live theatre and movies. Live theatre may not be as popular as movies, but we still see it in action today. This will improve our education system because students now have options. Students who struggle or have trouble with grades will be able to have a longer period of time to learn information. This will improve our national education system tremendously. There is still the question of the students who do not complete their classwork for no reason at all. They will probably struggle with procrastination and maybe just never learn the information at all. Some students that are not driven to succeed may suffer, but the ones who want to thrive will find this concept intriguing and exciting.

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