Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Assignment 12

Blog Post #12 Due 11/18
1.Watch Technology In The PE Classroom (XRKADE).
Think about what you have heard and seen. How is this different from the PE classes you took in grade school?
2.The PE Geek is a blog that provides it's readers with new technology techniques they can use in their Physical Education classrooms. Read one of his posts and summarize it.

Blog Post #12
Technology In The PE Classroom (XRKADE)
When I began my journey in EDM310, I thought "How would technology benefit me? I'm just going to be a PE teacher!" This video changed my mind and made me consider all of the cool things I can do with technology. At this Jersey Shore area middle school, their PE class consists of several different stations which includes a NASCAR station (the kids are on bikes in front of a screen in which they pedal to move the cars) and a kickboxing station (three padded poles light up when they want you to hit them). This allows students that are not typically athletic or do not like sports to have fun in PE while still getting their heart rate up. I think this will help kids that like video games to get off the couch and create a mindset for exercise. Many kids are struggling with obesity due to things like television and video games, therefore this may encourage them to exercise more.

The PE Geek
The Fitness Tests App for Android is one of the many Apps you can find to use in your PE classroom. It is an easy way to measure the fitness levels of your students or athletes. There are many fitness tests you can use including aerobic capacity and flexibility. This will allow you to be able to store the student's measurements on a phone or tablet. It will most likely be more accurate than a manual device or yourself measuring their data.

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  1. Amanda,

    For some reason, I love seeing PE teachers use technology. Great assignment!