Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Assignment 11

In Dr. Strange's interview with Ms. Cassidy, she answers many questions about technology an how she uses it with her first grade students. She shows how little kids are intrigued with technology and how they love to get feedback from family, friends, and students from other schools. She has been teaching with technology in her classroom for over 10 years now. Cassidy started out with just five computers and now has many more. She still has not gained rousing support from her school administration, but they do not say anything negative about it. Some fellow educators have tried some of her techniques in the classroom, and others have repulsed them. The teachers that do not like Cassidy's technologically minded classroom will probably never change their old school teaching habits of using a pencil and paper.
I really enjoyed the Skype interview between Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy. She seemed very down to earth and it sounds like she has a great understanding of our education system today. One of the things that I would like to take from her curriculum is to have Skype sessions with other students from other parts of the world. You could do so many things with this and it would allow the kids to form connections that they probably would not have made otherwise. Cassidy said that they performed theatre productions in front of the other class they Skyped with. That is such a great idea!

Technology centered classrooms can be great, but the little kids may be too focused on the technology and not on learning the material. It is sometimes hard to keep a child's attention, but I think that this will create a better learning environment where they may be more likely to take in the information. By using Ms. Cassidy's approaches, your classroom can only succeed. The students are able to expand what they are able to learn because all of their information is not in 3 or 4 books. They can gather information and look at multimedia that is not available in a book or on a piece of paper. Cassidy is revolutionizing education, but the question is if we are ready to help her?


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I think your post was amazing, structure, grammar and spelling. Your post flowed smoothly and convered all the material extremely well. The only thing not mentioned was the first video involving the students, however I still think your post express what happened in the kids' videos. I can't wait until my neice is a little older and I can help her make a blog to interact with people across the United States and the rest of the world.

    I think that as future educators we should help Ms. Cassidy revolutionize education, we just need to get more of the older teachers to help us out in the revolution.

    Once again, nice post! Keep up the good work!


  2. Are you?

    Thorough, Thoughtful, Well Done!