Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog Assignment 16

Project 13

For Project 15, we did our SmartBoard Project on the Solar System. Each group member was given an equal amount of information that they had to research, then we added our information onto a Google Doc. This was an easy way to collaborate and create an awesome presentation. We got together to film the presentation and it did not take long at all due to all of our information already being saved in Google Docs.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K #4-Reflections of the TZSTeacher

Post #1-Believe
In this post, Paula White talks about how we must instill belief in our students in order for them to believe in themselves. I do not understand why people want to get into the field of education if this is not their goal. We are the only positive reinforcement that some of these kids have, so we are the key to their success. I thanked White for her post and told her this is why I want to go into the teaching field. She commented back saying that she wanted me to share my success stories with her and let her know when I have instilled belief into a student.

Post #2-Technology-How Did I Get Started?
Paula White is known for using technology in the classroom and was asked one day on Twitter how she got started with technology. 140 characters wasn't enough as she went on in great detail about how she got to where she is today. As a child, she was very innovative and enjoyed figuring things out. White also talks about her first encounter with a computer, which filled up an entire room! In 1999, she was rewarded for her accomplishments in the classroom with the Apple Distinguished Educator award. Paula White is an inspiration and I will be visiting her site often whenever I become a teacher for tips and encouragement.

Final Report on PLN

My Symbaloo site has many websites that will help me be successful as an educator along with sites that I visit often. Along the bottom are different blogs and websites that relate to physical education and teaching in general. I will be able to go to these sites for tips and questions whenever I enter the teaching field. I will probably go back to Symbaloo often as it is a great tool to bookmark sites and an easy way to get to those sites. All of the teacher's blogs that I have chosen have proven to be successful at what the do and I hope to do the same whenever I begin teaching.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


C4K #8-I accidentally posted this summary on the October C4K post :)

C4K #9-New Continent=America 2.0?
The student was asked the question "If a new continent were to pop up, would the United States try to take control of it?" He thinks that the world would break out into war because this would create new resources that a lot of countries would like to have. He said that if he had the chance to go to this island, that he would refuse because it would be very unstable politically. Also, he said this may be a good place to isolate criminals and make sure that they do not escape. In my comment, I said that I thought that war would definitely break out. I applauded him on his knowledge of foreign affairs and he seems to be a very bright student.

C4K #10-Montgomery Field Trip Projects
Governor Bentley
In this post, the students made videos of their trip to Montgomery, Alabama. Every student in Alabama takes a field trip to Montgomery in the fourth grade as a part of their Alabama History course that they take during that time. These students showed pictures and gave commentary in these videos and did an awesome job! I took this same field trip when I was a kid and really enjoyed it. They went to all of the same places that I did so it brought back several fond memories that I will never forget.