Saturday, October 6, 2012

C4K #1 and #2-September

C4K #1-Tessa
Tessa is a middle school student in Massachusetts. In her post, she explains how she is just entering middle school and would like some advice. Tessa also asked for stories from the commenter's middle school years. I told her that middle school can be difficult at times, but overall I believed that she would enjoy it. Some advice that I gave was to get involved in school activities like clubs or sports. Middle school was one of the best parts of my life so far, but it was not easy.

C4K #2-Jade
Jade is a 13-year-old student in Iowa. In her post, she described how it was homecoming week at their school. During the week, they dressed up each day and had a hallway competition. A couple of the themed days included herd day (they dressed up as farm animals) and school color day. In my comment, I wished her good luck in the hallway competition and revealed to her all of the theme days I had in high school for homecoming week. She commented back and said that there was some really good competition, then later commented and said that their grade level was not going to be judged with the high schoolers. It was kind of cool to have a conversation with someone I don't even know and she was so excited about the comment. This is the most self gratifying thing I have done in EDM 310 so far.
Homecoming week for students in Iowa

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