Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Assignment 8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
In Part 1, Dr. Miller talks about the restraints of paper books and how they hold us back. On the internet, articles and print can be changed to reflect current conditions, while books become out of date the second they are printed. He talked about when he wrote a book, that has now gone out of print and can be bought on Amazon for $0.59. It is so much easier to research things because you can find information so quickly and easily on the internet. You can also easily access videos for interviews and important moments in history. I know for a fact that you cannot watch a video in a book! It is also easy to do collaborative work. Therefore, people are able to be accessed at any time.

Part 2 talks about new material that is updated instantly and constantly. Teachers can provide students with other teachers lectures so that they can share others ideas with their students. Miller talks about how we can go behind stories and figure out how they were written and put on the website. He also talks about how in the future he sees students writing with digital technology, not word processor. By being able to write with multimedia, this will have an impact on the students and they will be more likely to remember the information. When posting on the internet, the things you say will stay forever. This can be a positive or negative thing, but I think that it will be positive for education.

By being able to write with multimedia, we will be able to show our students information through videos, interactive graphs or polls, and maybe even interactive pictures. Students love hands on activities. It gets them involved in learning the information and they can discuss it among their friends. Lecturing does not do much good because of all of the distractions technology can provide. By integrating the distraction into the lesson plan, this will benefit the student and the teacher.

Carly's Post
When asked by Dr. Strange to create a new assignment, Carly answered the bell. She brilliantly thought of making a playlist on YouTube that contains inspiring videos about teaching and life in general. Students will create their own playlists be able to use YouTube to help inspire them to write and visualize stories. This will follow Dr. Miller's hopes for writing with multimedia. I personally enjoyed Think Different the most. This is also a great idea because students tend to enjoy watching videos and are more likely to stay engaged.

I plan on becoming a PE teacher, so I thought, "What is a way that I can incorporate this into my curriculum?" At the beginning of class each day or every other day, I could show an inspirational video about staying fit or informing them of health risks. As a young student, there are many videos that I watched that I still remember today. Hopefully, these will have the same impact and convince them to make better choices in life.

Student Videos
If I had to create a video or participate in the creation of a video for this class, I would probably make one about time management. As college students, this is a huge problem because we are very busy and it is sometimes difficult to find time to do classwork. By making this video, I hope to inform students of different tools that will help combat problems like procrastination. Another video idea would be "How to Survive Life as a College Student". I would tell incoming freshmen how to become involved, stay on top of their work, and many other things that I would have wanted to know in my first year of college. These young adults would feel more comfortable about college after watching my video. The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies are both excellent for preparing students for EDM310. They highlight issues like procrastination and becoming frustrated with learning on your own. They were both hilarious and these students did an awesome job putting them together.
EDM310 for Dummies

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
Today's schools are treated like they are factories. They bring these children in, they do a bunch of work, then they spit them out and hand them a high school diploma. This is not beneficial to any of them because they are not as prepared for college or the real world. One man in the video said, "Every turned off device is a turned off child."These kids are more in tune to learning things outside of the classroom than inside the classroom due to social media. With all devices being banned, we are only hurting the students because that is where they love to get their information from. It is time to revolutionize our public schools and get out of our comfort zones as teachers. In the end, it will be better for all of us.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0
Edmodo is a website that is used as a platform for teachers and students to socialize with each other. Teachers can also create a group for their class where they can post assignments and online quizzes. This can be beneficial when you do not get to some information in class, or you just want to mix things up a bit. Students can be rewarded for a job well done with badges that can be awarded. With teachers and classmates being able to comment on student's work or posts, instant critiquing can be received. Overall, this website allows the student and teacher to be connected and have access to each other after school hours.

Smart Alec
Smart Alec

PhotoPeach is an awesome, free website where you can make slideshows with built in quizzes and polls. In most cases, this program is used in correlation with a SmartBoard. It is a great tool for reviews for tests and quizzes. You can even add your own music and students can contribute to the questions! Here is a video that shows how students use PhotoPeach in the classroom.


  1. In the second paragraph, your sentence "...not word processor." That sentence should be reworded. It should either be "not a word processor" or "not word processors". I almost commented that you didn't have a link to any of your videos. Then, I realized you put the links into your section titles. That is so clever! I might have to steal that idea from you. In your paragraph about "Learn to Change, Change to Learn" I felt you could have written this section better. You summarized the paragraph briefly and didn't really give any of your opinions about it. Your scavenger hunt results came out great. I didn't find any other spelling or grammar mistakes other than that small one in the beginning. You did a great job, Amanda.

  2. Hey there Amanda,
    I really liked the overviews you did of the subject matter for your posts. I noticed a few times that you worded things a little oddly like "When asked by Dr. Strange to create a new assignment, Carly answered the bell." I think that you meant call, but I am not sure. Either way, it is a very good post and I really liked the ideas you had for the videos you would post.I need a refresher course in not procrastinating.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    It is funny that you mention that you can't watch a video in a book. At the end of the semester, you will be using iBooks Author to write with multimedia, just as you desribe in your post. With iBooks Author, you will create a book that consist of many interactive features; and you can watch videos in a book!
    Don't worry, I know what you meant in your post!

    Very good post Amanda, Keep up the great work.

    Stephen Akins